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Specific custom-designed packaging solutions

Isothermal Covers

In the world of logistics and freight transport, ensuring the integrity of products sensitive to temperature variations is essential. Insulated Packaging Sleeves have become an indispensable resource to protect these products and maintain their quality throughout the distribution process.

Inflatable Bags

Discover the perfect solution to protect your products with our wide range of high-quality inflatable bags. Designed to fit any shape and size, our bags provide optimal protection during transport and storage. Inflatable bags are the fastest, cheapest, safest and most modern goods fastening system on the market today. Trust our industrial packaging and keep your products safe at all times!


In the dynamic world of industry and logistics, product protection is an unavoidable priority. In this context, we present an innovative solution that redefines the way cardboard reels are secured and preserved: Reinforcement and Protection Caps. Meticulously designed to reinforce and safeguard the cardboard mandrel on which the valuable coils are wound, these plugs represent a significant advance in terms of performance and economy compared to other conventional materials. Its design incorporates an anchorage adapted to the mandrel, providing a safe and efficient clamping.


Are you looking for an innovative and efficient solution to optimize your supply chain and reduce costs? Introducing Slipsheet, a revolutionary alternative to conventional plastic or wooden pallets. Our slipsheets are made from multiple layers of high quality kraft paper, offering a versatile and eco-friendly solution for your packaging and transportation needs.

U-shaped profiles

U-profiles are a truly versatile and effective solution to address a variety of needs involving protection and support on three sides. This product offers a number of notable advantages that make it an outstanding choice for a variety of industries and applications.


In the fast-paced world of packaging and transporting goods, safety, security and efficiency are key elements in ensuring that products arrive at their destination in perfect condition. On this stage, we proudly present our latest innovation: the High-Tech Strapping. Specifically designed to address today’s challenges in the packaging industry, our strapping not only offers an unprecedented level of security, but also revolutionises the way stability and protection are approached in the transport of goods.

The packaging and transportation of goods, despite being essential to the global supply chain, often face risks such as damage during transit, improper handling, and adverse weather conditions. This is where our strapping makes all the difference. Made with state-of-the-art materials and state-of-the-art technology, our straps provide a strong, firm hold that ensures products stay in place throughout the journey. In addition to their fastening function, our straps act as a protective barrier against impacts, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring the integrity of the goods.

Lashing Tapes

In the competitive world of transport and logistics, the safety of goods during transit is essential. This is where our advanced Lashing Straps come into play, a leading solution designed to secure your loads reliably and efficiently. With a combination of exceptional strength, long-term durability and ease of use, our lashing tapes are set to transform the way you ensure the integrity of your products during their journey from origin to destination.

Regardless of whether you’re involved in land, sea, or air transportation, our lashing straps adapt to various situations and load sizes. From generously sized pallets in containers to smaller shipments in delivery vehicles, our lashing solution offers an efficient and safe way to keep your products in place and in optimal condition during the journey.

Desiccant Bags

In the world of packaging, where product protection and preservation is essential, desiccant bags are a crucial innovation for maintaining the integrity of objects in transit and storage. These small but powerful bags offer an effective solution to combat moisture and spoilage that can affect sensitive products throughout their life cycle.

Imagine, a carefully manufactured product is about to be shipped over long distances or stored in variable conditions. The risk of moisture infiltration comes into play, which could cause irreparable damage such as corrosion, mold or even degradation of the product itself. This is where desiccant bags become the ultimate defense.


In the dynamic world of packaging and logistics, resource optimization and product protection are crucial to ensure efficiency and safety in the transport of goods. In this context, we are pleased to present our innovative product: the Honeycomb.

The Honeycomb, a revolutionary solution in the packaging and pallet industry, has been designed with the perfect combination of strength, lightness and versatility. Inspired by the hexagonal structure of honeycombs in nature, this system offers an exceptional solution to meet the challenges of handling and transporting various products.

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